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The Independent General Practice

The Independent General Practice (IGP) is a company that provides online and in clinic private GP appointments, vaccinations and medicals to individuals, families & businesses. Founded in 2004, IGP was the first exclusively Private GP services to be Healthcare (HIW) registered in Wales.

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Total Healthcare

IGP have brought together doctors, consultants, clinical psychologists, therapists, registered nurses and a host of specialists in order to give our patients the very best healthcare.

We're determined to be the best private GP practice in South Wales, which is why we've invested heavily in state-of-the-art clinics. Equipped with the very latest diagnostic and treatment technology, our clinical team has the tools it needs to deliver high-quality healthcare at all times.

Our Aim

IGP has always strived to provide patients with a flexibility and choice that they may not feel they have with their own GP. IGP also provide healthcare services that are not available with NHS clinics, such as certain requested tests, medicals and/or vaccinations. At the same time, we are proud of the NHS as an institution and the work it does within the UK. The healthcare services we provide are designed to operate in tandem with the incredible work being done by the committed professionals within the National Health Service by alleviating some of the pressures NHS clinics face.

Our Mission

As Wales' first privately registered independent general practice, IGP are committed to delivering exceptional private healthcare services to the people of South Wales and the surrounding areas. Our mission is to make quality private healthcare accessible, affordable and to offer patients a greater level of flexibility and choice with their healthcare. We understand that waiting for tests or specialist care can be frustrating for people who are worried about their health. To alleviate this kind of stress, we offer same-day appointments wherever possible. We also offer extended consultations for patients with complex issues that require extensive investigation. Booking is a quick and simple process, either online or by speaking to one our team directly and we do everything we can to ensure test results, referrals and prescriptions are processed as soon as possible.

An Experienced, Multidisciplinary Healthcare Team

We have a multidisciplinary clinical team that includes some of the most accomplished and experienced consultants and specialists in the UK's healthcare industry. We also have a long history of delivering positive healthcare outcomes that are backed up by a string of positive reviews and testimonials.

All our doctors are registered with the General Medical Council, and they all pursue regular refresher training to ensure they're always up to date with the latest treatments and diagnostics. We're also registered with the Care Quality Commission and the Health Inspectorate of Wales.

IGP operate a Total Healthcare policy, which means we offer everything from physiotherapy to private GP services as part of one integrated service. All our clinics are Healthcare Registered with HIW and CQC, so the very best care is guaranteed.

Our clinical team provides a range of healthcare services, including:

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The Independent General Practice

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